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People with PWS have a set of behaviours which are so characteristic of the syndrome they are known as a behavioural phenotype. Most are linked to the hypothalamic dysfunction and/or cognitive problems. However, these behavioural challenges vary considerably in mildness and severity from person to person, and over time and circumstances. Behaviours shown by toddlers and very young children are usually very similar to those who do not have PWS.

- Behaviour management in adults
- Behaviour management in children

Useful Information

Challenging behaviour

Most individuals with PWS can, on occasion, present with behaviour that can be challenging for themselves and/or those around them. Understanding these and developing appropriate ways to manage them can be explored further here:

Challenging Behaviour in PWS (PDF)

A closer look at challenging behaviour (PDF)

Further Information

If your son or daughter is displaying severe or unusual behaviours or if you have a question about behaviour, please contact us

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