Prader-Willi Syndrome Malaysia, National Webinar 2020
Prader-Willi Syndrome Malaysia, National Webinar 2020

A very owesome 2 days we have had and a million THANKS to the whole team!!

A big shout out to our SUPER HEROES Abg Azhar, Lantz , and Stef who worked so hard and made this possible.
All of you did a STERLING job taking lead in this!!!!

And to Nadiah , we are incredibly impressed, no words can express how much we are in awe of your professionalism, commitment and effort that you have put in to make this webinar a successful and a memorable one. Thank you from all of us! Luv...Luv..

We could not have done it too without our honourable speakers, who put in their heart in preparing their presentations, who sat through the two whole days and who went above and beyond in ensuring they answered all the questions as best they could.

KUDOS to all !!!! Lots of Luv.



Published : 12-Aug-2021

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